APERITIVO - Brunetti

DOLCE VITA APERITIVO from Cinestyle Studio on Vimeo.

It’s early evening, you’ve finished work and are ready to wind down. Perhaps you’re also a tiny bit hungry, or, at least at that point when you start imagining what you’ll have for dinner.

On your way home you decide to pop in, where you know you’ll bump into a friend or two and a drink is in order, along with some nibbles on the house… That’s the aperitivo.

While traditionally a small complimentary offering of nuts, olives and grissini to accompany your drink is common in Italy, our offering is much more elaborate, including hand crafted pasta, imported cheeses and the very best salumi. This is why at Brunetti, we call it ‘Apericena’ – a made up word meaning a combination of aperitivo and cena (dinner), used to describe the rich buffet of food that’s all included in the cost of one drink.

Watch this space to find out when the next aperitivo event will be.

Aperitivo Events

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