Brunetti City Square – end of an era


Brunetti City Square

It’s been 11 years in the making since we first opened our doors to this urban city landscape that has been known as Brunetti City Square. This Friday 31st March we farewell this open-air vista to make way for the commencement of works for the new Metro Rail project on April 1 2017. Whilst this is the end of an era, we look forward to new beginnings when we unveil our new store located a short walk down 250 Flinders Lane situated between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets. We hope to see you there with an anticipated opening date of early to mid October 2017. Remember to savour your last cappuccino, caffe latte or espresso along with your daily dose of cannoli before we close the doors for one last time this Friday. Brunetti Spritz Point will also be serving last drinks on this momentous day so raise your Aperol Spritz to what has been an incredible 11 years. Salute and thank you so much for your continued support!

Campari Spritz Point

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